Checking in

Where do I check-in?


Come grab your keys from the Library. It’s located up the same walkway as our restaurant, Dram Yard, at the corner of S. 2nd St and Dock St and is open and staffed from 7am-Midnight. We’ll text you before you arrive, so just text us back if you get lost. Guaranteed check-in is 3pm.

What if I need to check-in super late?


If you’ll be checking in after midnight, please text us by 10pm so that we can get you squared away. You can text us at 910-447-4704. (If we haven’t heard from you by 10pm, don’t be surprised if we text you to see what’s up.)

hotel services

Do you have a concierge?


We can definitely point you in the right direction. Start with our Field Guide for the skinny on the places and things we love about Wilmington, or let us know what kind of info or tips you need by shooting us a text at 910-447-4704 or an email to wilmington@arrivehotels.com.

Do you have free wi-fi?


We do.

Do you have a restaurant?


Do we ever! Dram Yard is our small but mighty restaurant, serving globally-inspired small plates and top-notch cocktails, Wednesday-Monday. We recommend making a reservation here.
We don’t serve breakfast or lunch, but there’s a great guide in your room that has our favorite spots. You won’t go hungry, we promise.

Can we BYOB?


Nope. Not in our public areas. Sorry.

Do you have a spa?


We don’t. But we know some killer practitioners who can come to your room for massages, hair styling, makeup services and more. Just text us at 910-447-4704 before or during your stay and we’ll make it happen.

Is there coffee on property?


Our favorite coffee bar, Bespoke, is a few blocks away and is insanely good.  But, if you can’t make it a few blocks without coffee, all of our rooms (except for the Mini rooms) include a killer coffee and tea setup.  Staying in a Mini room?   No problem – we can set you up for a small charge.

Do you have a confessional?


What a weirdly specific question. But yes, we do.

What else do you have?


Oh, lots of things. Shoot us a text at 910-447-4704 and let us know what you’re looking for.

meetings & events

Can I host a meeting or event at ARRIVE Wilmington?


If it fits, we’d love to host your group. Check out the Private Events page or drop us a line at wilmington@arrivehotels.com.

Do you do weddings?


If you are looking to elope, yes. If it’s like a family and class reunion in one, then we recommend the Private City Club across the street or Saint Thomas Preservations Hall. Let us know what you’re thinking at wilmington@arrivehotels.com and we will connect you to the right people.

Why are you grinning at me?


Did you catch that subtle Shawshank reference?



[Look of smug satisfaction]


Where do I park?


We’ve got free parking in our lot across the street, just behind the white brick wall. Just plug “108 S. Second St. Wilmington, NC 28401” into your GPS. Then pop across the street to check in. If our lot is full, we can provide suggestions on other public lots nearby. Just text us.

Where can I dock my boat?


If by “dock” you mean “park,” and by “boat” you mean your obnoxiously large Escalade, then please see the first answer above.

No, I meant boat.


Oh…probably at the marina then.

Which marina?


There is more than one?

I’m asking you…


Do I look like a boat person?

Your hotel and restaurant have all this nautical décor…


Yeesh, you boat people are all the same.


Is my dog allowed?


Yes. Please make sure they know that our gardens are not potties and if they don’t behave we’ll put YOU in the doghouse.

What about my parrot?


We do have a history with pirates (swashbucklers welcome!), but please don’t bring your parrot here.

What about my cat?


Wouldn’t you prefer to bring a dog?

What about my service animal?



questions you didn't know you had

Someone told me there’s a confessional on site. What’s the deal with that?


You should see for yourself.

That’s pretty cryptic. Can you tell me more?


/disappears behind a fancy smoke effect/

I can still see you.


Well, that was $750 well spent.

So, what’s the deal with the elephant?


That’s Topsy. Check out our Field Guide for the story behind our favorite hotel guest ever. After she burst through our wall, it took two days to get her to check out!

Good gravy…


We know, right?

Why would it take two days to get an elephant out of the building?


Well, clearly you know nothing of the ins and outs of elephant wrangling.

Like you do?


Boy, do we. 

/blank stare/




How do I book a room?


The internet. www.arrivehotels.com. In fact, you’re here now – so just click the Book Now link in the bottom right corner of this page.

Can I cancel or change my reservation?


Yes, you can modify your reservation by clicking on the “modify/cancel reservation” link at the bottom of our booking page . If there’s something more complicated or you need help, email us at wilmington@arrivehotels.com. For information on cancellation policies and refunds, please check your confirmation email.

My reservation says it’s not refundable. What’s the deal?


To keep our rates low, we often require non-refundable prepaid bookings. If you have a non-refundable booking and need to cancel, shoot us a text at 910-447-4704 or email us at wilmington@arrivehotels.com, and let’s talk it out.

Can I reserve a block of rooms?


Sounds like a much better idea than cramming everyone into one. Email us at wilmington@arrivehotels.com to let us know how many friends are coming.

Are there age restrictions at the hotel?


You must be 21 to book a room or check in. All children must be accompanied by adults at all times on the property. That funny sign we have about unattended children being given coffee and a puppy ain’t just a funny sign.

That sign wasn’t that funny.


Enjoy your new puppy. Her name is Britney.


Do you have rollaway beds or cribs?


No, we don’t. And the couches in the suites don’t pull out either.

Do your rooms have refrigerators?


Only our suites have mini-fridges.

Can I have a party in my room?


I’d advise against that. You don’t want to pay for your new friends’ bad behavior.

Can we have a party in your room?


Yes, and conveniently, we sleep in the bar at Dram Yard, so just come down there to party.

Is there coffee in the room?


The Mini rooms don’t have coffee or tea (but we can set you up if you ask nicely), but all the other rooms do.

Can I smoke in my room?


Hard no. If you do, we’re gonna hit you with a $250 cleaning fee.

Can I use my bong, hookah or vape in the room?


That’s still smoking.

It’s totally different?


No, it’s not.

What about chewing?


That’s gross.

What about on my patio or in the courtyard?


Nah, not there either. But the sidewalk is a real free-for-all. So, 50 ft from a building or doors, go wild or puff-puff-pass.

Tell me about the hotel’s ADA accessible features.


Glad you asked. We’ve got accessible features throughout, including at the registration desk, in designated guestrooms, on pathways, at the restaurant and at our other public spaces. For more details, please email wilmington@arrivehotels.com.

What’s the deal with the Mini room?


The Mini room is perfect for a getaway where you’re not spending a ton of time in your room. It’s just an amazing bed, beautiful bathroom, and great TV, but not a ton of frills. Perfect if you’re not spending a ton of time in your room (or all of it in bed!).


What if I don’t want to receive texts?


To opt out of texting, just reply “Stop” at any time. Or just smash your phone.

Do all these texts cost money?


We don’t charge you anything, but your standard text messaging charges will apply to all texts with us.

Why do I have to give you my mobile number to book a room?


We use text message to interact with guests. We will text you with arrival info before your stay. You can text us at 910-447-4704 with any questions or requests, and during your stay you can text us for anything you need, including housekeeping, local recommendations or reservations, and more.

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