Q: Are you open?
A: Yes we are. Please refer to our COVID-19 response page for more details on our approach to guest safety.



Q: Where do I check in?
A: Come grab your keys from the bar, right next to the pool.

Q: Can I check in early?
A: We can’t wait to see you either. We’ll give you a solid “Maybe” – shoot us a text letting us know you’re interested, and we’ll let you know on your arrival day if early check-in is available.

Q: Can I check out late?
A: We don’t want you to go either. We’ll give you a solid “Maybe” – shoot us a text letting us know you’re interested, and we’ll let you know on your arrival day if late check-out is available. There might be a small fee.

Q: Seems like you copy and pasted part of that answer.
A: That’s the kind of thoughtful efficiency you can expect when you stay with us.

Q: Anything else I need to know about check-in?
A: Like most great things in life, you gotta be 21 to do it.

Q: I did some great things before I turned 21.
A: Nothing as great as checking into one of our rooms, no doubt.

Q: How do I check out?
A: Just shoot us a text letting us know you’re leaving. If you need a copy of your folio or a hug, come see us at the bar.



Q: Do you have free Wi-Fi?
A: Yeah, and it’s really, really fast. We kinda went overboard.

Q: Do you offer room service?
A: We don’t. But if you stop by our restaurant while it’s open, we’ll be happy to pack up a nice to-go bag for you.

Q: Do you have a spa?
A: We don’t have a spa onsite, but we know some killer practitioners who can come to your rooms for massages, hair styling, makeup services and more. Just text us at 760.227.7037 before or during your stay, and we’ll make it happen.

Q: Do you have a bike I can borrow?
A: Yeah, we have some sweet wheels you can use around town.

Q: Do you have a hoverboard I can borrow?
A: No way, McFly, get your own.

Q: Do you have a concierge?
A: Our front desk team can definitely point you in the right direction. Start with our How to Palm Springs field guide for the skinny on the places and things we love about Palm Springs, or let us know what kind of info or tips you need by shooting us a text at 760.227.7037 or an email to palmsprings@arrivehotels.com.



Q: Do you have rollaway beds or cribs?
A: No we don’t.

Q: Do you have refrigerators in your rooms?
A: We sure do. And we stock ’em with chilled water too.

Q: Can I “party” in my room?
A: Why did you put “party” in quotes?

Q: That’s just how I say “party.”
A: That’s pretty sketchy. Anyway, we’d advise against a “party.” Your friends have been known to make bad decisions. And someone must pay for bad decisions. Always. Remember that.

Q: Can I smoke in my room?
A: No. And we’ll charge you $250 if you do.

Q: Can I vape in my room?
A: Vaping is smoking.

Q: No it’s not.
A: Sorry, friend.

Q: What about chewing?
A: That’s gross.

Q: What about on my patio or by the pool?
A: We like your persistence. But that’s still gonna be a no from us, dog. But if you step 50 ft away from the building, go wild.

Q: Can you tell me about the hotel’s ADA features?
A: Glad you asked. We’ve got accessible features throughout, including at the registration desk, in designated guestrooms, on pathways, at the restaurant and at our other public spaces. For more details, please email palmsprings@arrivehotels.com.



Q: Can people who aren’t staying at the hotel hang out by the pool?
A: We have always strived to make the public accessible to our neighbors. But in light of COVID-19, we will be restricting the pool area to guests unless a public event is scheduled. And, as always, you have to be 21 in order to spend time at the pool.

Q: Do you mind if I do splashy butterfly sprint laps to attract attention?
A: Not at all. It is important to show other hotel guests that you are a strong swimmer.

Q: How long can you hold your breath underwater?
A: Longer than you.



Q: Do you have a restaurant?
A: Sure do! Our poolside restaurant is open for breakfast and poolside snacks daily.

Q: Do you have a bar?
A: This is Palm Springs. Do you even need to ask? (yes)

Q: Where can I get coffee?
A: You’re in luck. Our friends at Cartel Coffee Lab have set up a beautiful little shot here. They bring a decade of experience sourcing and roasting some of the world’s most exciting coffees.

Q: Do you have an ice cream and retail shop all rolled into one?
A: What an oddly specific question. Yes we do! Check out the best little ice cream shop in the whole Coachella Valley: Ice Cream & Shop.



Q: Where do I park my car?
A: Free self-parking is available in our back parking lot off Wawona Street. Pick up a pass when you check in.

Q: Do you have charging stations?
A: No we don’t. But there’s one within walking distance that we can point you to.



Q: Are dogs allowed?
A: Yes, well-behaved dogs are welcome.

Q: What about cats?
A: Mmmmmm.

Q: He’s a friendly cat.
A: No cats are friendly.

Q: What about my iguana?
A: Please don’t bring your iguana. For all other pet inquiries, please email us at palmsprings@arrivehotels.com or text us at 760.227.7037.

Q: Do you allow service animals?
A: Of course!



Q: How do I book a room?
A: Right here on this website is always the easiest and cheapest way to book a room.

Q: Can I cancel my reservation?
A: Yes, you can cancel your reservation by clicking on the “modify/cancel reservation” link at the bottom of our booking page, Or you can text us at 760.227.7037 or email us at palmsprings@arrivehotels.com. For information on cancellation policies and refunds, please check your confirmation email.

Q: Can I reserve a block of rooms?
A: Yeah that sounds like a great idea! Check out details and get the ball rolling on our Private Events page.



Q: Why do I have to give you my mobile phone to book a room?
A: We use text message to interact with guests. We will text you with arrival info before your stay. You can text us at 760.227.7037 with any questions or requests, and during your stay you can text us for anything you need, including housekeeping, local recommendations or reservations, ice, etc.

Q: What if I don’t want to receive texts?
A: To opt out of texting, just reply “Stop” at any time.

Q: Do all those texts cost money?
A: Your standard text messaging charges will apply to all texts with us. We don’t charge anything extra, though.



Q: Can I host a meeting or event at ARRIVE Palm Springs?
A: We’d love to host your group. We have a neat little event space we call The Palm Springs Fan Club that’s great for intimate get-togethers. Check out the Private Events page, hit the “Book Now” button, and we’ll get the conversation started.

Q: Do you do weddings?
A: Sometimes. We are a relatively small property, so it’s gotta be a good fit. Check out the Private Events page, hit the “Book Now” button, and we’ll get the conversation started.

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