Tell me about the hotel’s ADA-accessible features.

Glad you asked. We’ve got accessible features throughout, including at the registration desk, in designated ADA-accessible guestrooms, on pathways, at the restaurant and at our other public spaces. For more details, please email

Do you have a spa?

We don’t have a spa onsite, but we know some killer practitioners who can come to your rooms for massages, hair styling, makeup services and more. Just text us at 760.227.7037 before or during your stay, and we’ll make it happen.

Why do I have to give you my mobile phone to book a room?

We use text message to interact with guests. We will text you with arrival info before your stay. You can text us at 760.227.7037 with any questions or requests, and during your stay you can text us for anything you need, including housekeeping, local recommendations or reservations, ice, etc.