Q: Are you open?
A: Yes we are. Please refer to our COVID-19 response page for more details on our approach to guest safety.



Q: Where do I check in?
A: Come grab your keys from the bar. Just pop through those big double doors on Chicon and you’re here.

Q: Can I check in early?
A: We can’t wait to see you either. We’ll give you a solid “Maybe” – shoot us a text letting us know you’re interested, and we’ll let you know on your arrival day if early check-in is available.

Q: Can I check out late?
A: We don’t want you to go either. We’ll give you a solid “Maybe” – shoot us a text letting us know you’re interested, and we’ll let you know on your arrival day if late check-out is available. There might be a small fee.

Q: Seems like you copy and pasted part of that answer.
A: That’s the kind of thoughtful efficiency you can expect when you stay with us.

Q: Anything else I need to know about check-in?
A: Like most great things in life, you gotta be 21 to do it.

Q: I did some great things before I turned 21.
A: Nothing as great as checking into one of our rooms, no doubt.



Q: Where do I park my car?
A: On-site valet parking is available for $10/night. Enter from 6th Street and we’ll get you squared away.

Q: Where do I park my horse?
A: Horses may be parked on any available hitching post.

Q: I don’t see any hitching posts.
A: Then you’re gonna have to park that horse somewhere else, pal.



Q: Do you have a concierge?
A: Our front desk team can definitely point you in the right direction. Start with our How to Austin field guide for the skinny on the places and things we love about East Austin, or let us know what kind of info or tips you need by shooting us a text at 512-399-1927 or an email to austin@arrivehotels.com.

Q: Do you have free WiFi?
A: Of course!

Q: Do you have a restaurant?
A: We have two! At Vixen’s Wedding, you’ll find bright, flavorful food inspired by Goa, India and Portugal, using local ingredients from our beautiful state of Texas. It’s open nightly for dinner. Next door, Lefty’s Brick Bar is East Austin’s outdoor frosty drank oasis. It’s open every day and goes late.

Q: I consider myself a connoisseur of fine gins from around the world. Will my very particular appetites be met at your establishment?
A: We should hope so. Our Gin Bar, open every weekend, serves 90+ gins imported from the farthest corners of the globe. We are quite certain you will find it adequate.

Q: Where can I get coffee?
A: You’re in luck. Our friends at Cartel Coffee Lab have set up a beautiful little shot here. They bring a decade of experience sourcing and roasting some of the world’s most exciting coffees. Open everyday 7am-8pm.

Q: Do you have a spa?
A: We don’t. But we know some killer relaxation artists who can come to your room for massages, hair styling, makeup services and more. Just text us at 512-399-1927 before or during your stay and we’ll make it happen.



Q: Do you have rollaway beds or cribs?
A: No we don’t.

Q: Do you have refrigerators in your rooms?
A: We sure do. And we stock ’em with chilled water too.

Q: Can I “party” in my room?
A: Why did you put “party” in quotes?

Q: That’s just how I say “party.”
A: That’s pretty sketchy. Anyway, we’d advise against a “party.” Your friends have been known to make bad decisions. And someone must pay for bad decisions. Always. Remember that.

Q: Can I smoke in my room?
A: No. And we’ll charge you $250 if you do.

Q: Can I vape in my room?
A: Vaping is smoking.

Q: No it’s not.
A: Sorry, friend.

Q: What about chewing?
A: That’s gross.

Q: What about on my patio or in the courtyard?
A: Nah, not there either. But the sidewalk is a real free-for-all. So, 50 ft from a building or doors, go wild.

Q: Can you tell me about the hotel’s ADA features?
A: Glad you asked. We’ve got accessible features throughout, including at the registration desk, in designated guestrooms, on pathways, at the restaurant and at our other public spaces. For more details, please email austin@arrivehotels.com.



Q: Do you allow dogs?
A: Yes, as long as they’re well behaved and you don’t leave them alone in the room. We don’t charge fees for pooches, but you’re responsible for any damage or mess they make just like if it was caused by a human.

Q: Do you allow service animals?
A: Of course!

Q: My dog wants to host a poker tournament. Do you have any smoking rooms?
A: We kindly request that dogs do not congregate, gamble or smoke in our rooms.

Q: But it’s a service dog. It’s allowed to smoke and gamble.
A: Put us in touch with your dog and we’ll work things out.



Q: Can I host a meeting or event at ARRIVE Austin?
A: We’d love to host your group. Check out the Private Events page, hit the “Book Now” button, and we’ll get the conversation started.

Q: Do you do weddings?
A: Sometimes. We are a relatively small property, so it’s gotta be a good fit. Check out the Private Events page, hit the “Book Now” button, and we’ll get the conversation started.



Q: How do I book a room?
A: The internet is the best. In fact, you’re here now – so just click the Book Now link in the top right corner of this page.

Q: Can I cancel or change my reservation?
A: Yes, you can modify your reservation by clicking on the “modify/cancel reservation” link at the bottom of our booking page. If there’s something more complicated or you need help, email us at austin@arrivehotels.com. For information on cancellation policies and refunds, please check your confirmation email.

Q: Can I reserve a block of rooms?
A: Sounds like a much better idea than cramming everyone into one. Email us at austin@arrivehotels.com to let us know how many friends are coming.

Q: Are you close to the Convention Center?
A: Yeah, though it’s maybe a bit further than you’d want to walk. But it’s an easy scooter ride or a quick Uber.



Q: Why do I have to give you my mobile number to book a room?
A: We use text message to interact with guests. We will text you with arrival info before your stay. You can text us at 512-399-1927 with any questions or requests, and during your stay you can text us for anything you need, including housekeeping, local recommendations or reservations, and more.

Q: What if I don’t want to receive texts?
A: To opt out of texting, just reply “Stop” at any time. Or just smash your phone.

Q: Do all these texts cost money?
A: We don’t charge you anything, but your standard text messaging charges will apply to all texts with us.



Q: It looks like the floors of your building are slanted. So…are they?
A: No. It’s just a cool visual effect courtesy of our architect, Burton Baldridge. We assure you that all the floors are level and none of the rooms have five-foot ceilings.

Q: Oh, yeah, like that movie, ummm….
A: Being John Malkovich?

Q: Yeah, that’s the one.
A: Yeah.

Q: Great movie.
A: Yeah.

Q: Wasn’t that Andy Kaufman’s first movie?
A: I think you mean Charlie Kaufman.

Q: Oh, right. Who’s Andy Kaufman?
A: That comedian from the 70s and 80s who played the foreign guy on Taxi.

Q: Oh, yeah, Jim Carrey played him in Man on the Moon.
A: Also a great movie.

Q: Yeah.
A: Yeah.

Q: /Sigh/
A: Sooooooo, what were we talking about?

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